What exactly is an NFT? And How To Make Money From It

what exactly is NFT

Guys, You can find the literal definition of NFT on Google or any other article. In this post. You will know, what matters most when you Heard the word NFT.

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. In simple terms, It’s a token that can’t be replaced. Anybody could copy and save it. But the owner of that original Nft will be publicly visible to everyone.

So even if somebody claims to own an NFT in social media or any other place. You can check the in Nft market site if it’s true.

You must have heard that people are making millions, just by selling a jpeg/image. And you must have wondered Why the hell anyone would purchase an image for thousands and millions of dollars.

Well, there are many motives behind it, but the main motive is Investment. It’s just like the paintings & artifacts from popular artists being sold in millions. But in NFT anyone could create an image/video/music/design and sell it.

so, now the question is

What exactly is an NFT?

Well, it’s a New Trend that might be a big platform for many investors in the future. There are many websites for the NFT market, but currently most popular one is in Opeansea. Where you can Create, Buy & Sell NFT. & A NFT could mean any digital materials like an Image, Art, Video, Gif, Music, etc.

How does NFT work? & How You Can Buy/Sell It?

Well, first you have to create an account in the NFT market like Opensea. & it’s not like creating an account on other websites, You need a Crypto wallet and connect it with the site. Then you can create and sell an NFT or you could purchase it then sell it at a higher price, to make a profit. Also if you could collect or hold that NFT, if you like.

How To Create & Sell NFT on Opensea For FREE

The video below is from The Social Guide Youtube Channel. And It’s a Perfect tutorial For any Beginner on NFT

You can Follow and Create & Sell NFT Easily.

Video Credit: The Social Guide


Can Anyone Create and Sell NFT?

Yes, Not only that, you can even start selling NFT in Opeansea for free, But the question is will anybody buy it.

What Kind Of NFT People Will Buy?

Well, most sold NFT is being sold based on popularity, like the ape cartoon art. and your work needs to mean something and if you put a good selling price then even you can sell and Nft.

Should You Buy An NFT?

Well, honestly it’s a new trend so I would not suggest any big investment in NFT, But you can definitely try it, buy a low-priced NFT with good selling records.

Can I Buy NFT With USD or any Normal Currency?

No, at the moment most of the NFT is sold in Ethereum and other Cryptocurrencies. But you could trade normal currency with crypto from Crypto wallets and trade applications

How To Withdraw My earnings From NFT to Bank?

Trade crypto earnings with your national currency in Crypto trading apps/wallets and then you can send it to your bank

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