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watch free anime website

Are you tired of searching anime by episode on Google? So if you are then this list will definitely change your viewing experience. watch free anime website list of 2022 is here.

Watch Free Anime Website – List

The best Free Anime Websites To Watch Any Anime, Sub Or Dubbed

What Do I mean By The Best Free Anime websites?

Typically, whenever we want to know or watch something, we search it on Google right? and yes Google does show the most relevant results of sites. But that doesn’t mean you can find other things that you want on that same website.

But in this list, almost every free anime watching site will provide you with a library of Most Popular Animes NOW and all time. So you don’t have to find it on google episode by episode, or any new anime, to watch it.

Before You Start Watching Anime. First, You Need To Know:

Few websites might be GEO RESTRICTED in some countries. so to access those sites you might need a VPN. Well, thankfully there are many VPNs you can get for free on Android or PC.

And, Few sites have popup ads, which is annoying so I do recommend using an adblocker app or extension like ADGurd.

Disclaimer: Read the disclaimer below, Click “show disclaimer” To Read before visiting any site on this list!

Best Watch Free Anime Website: 10

10 websites to watch anime for free and my experience on it are mentioned below,


A vast amount library of anime, You can find all the ongoing animes and popular ones for Free.

watch free anime website
Gogoanime Screenshot

Easy To Navigate

Minimal ADS/Pop Up ADs on Player

Rating: 6 out of 7.

You can find any new and old anime easily on the Gogoanime free anime website. It’s available globally and has no geo-restriction, But it’s a fair warning, that this site might not have a license for animes, so in some countries. this website might be banned, and to access you might need a VPN to access it.

You Can watch Japanese and also Chinese animes in English Subbed or Dubbed for free, And you don’t need to create an account to start watching animes for free in Gogoanime.

It does show ads and even a few pop-up ads, you need to close 2-3 pop-up ads to start watching your anime.


best free anime website
9anime screenshot

Super Easy Navigation

Inappropriate ADS, Page Popup

Rating: 5 out of 7.

9Anime is popular among many anime fans around the world, You can start watching anime without signing up on the website. And it’s globally available, but might be banned in some countries.

9anime offers a clean website look with the easiest navigation of menu and search bar, it’s easy to find any anime by searching. And you can see the list of episodes just below the video player.


best free anime website
Crunchyroll screenshot

✔ LegitIMATE Site

Good Navigation

Ads, Video Ads

Rating: 6.5 out of 7.

Crunchyroll is an official watch free anime website to watch free anime online. Though it’s a legitimate website it’s not on the top of this list just cause, Crunchyroll is available in the US, India, UK, Canada, and a few more countries but Geo-Restricted in other countries, and few Ongoing Animes are not free. You need to pay for a membership

Crunchyroll doesn’t have many in-page ads you might see 1 or 2 sometimes, But when you stream an Anime online you might find 2-4 video ads on an average of 24min episodes.

Crunchyroll has popular titles, But if you live outside of the US. you might see some animes are not available in your region. You can use a VPN in that situation and connect through the US.


free anime websites dubbed
Funimation screenshot

✔ LegitIMATE Site

Easy To Navigate

Video Ads


Rating: 4.5 out of 7.

Funimation is known for its Anime dubbing in the US, But on their official website, you can watch not only English dubbed but also new subbed animes. But Funimation is only available in the US and 2 more countries. so to access from other countries you need a VPN.

Whenever watching an anime from Funimation you might have to watch 3-4 video ads on an average of 24 min episodes. And few popular ongoing animes are for paid members only.


free anime website online
Animedao screenshot

Good Navigation

Few ads and pop-ups on the video player

Rating: 4 out of 7.

Animedao’s UI and navigation, search options are simple, But a few popular ongoing anime and episodes are missing, but you can watch new and old animes in Sub or dub for free.

Ads are not much of a problem, except when you press the play button you need to close a few tabs that might pop up. As per the websites, the first page follows DMCA rules so few anime and episodes might get deleted if they show unlicensed content.

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free anime websites dubbed
Animeheaven screenshot

Modern Navigation

Annoying Popup & message pop-up ads

Rating: 3 out of 7.

Animeheaven’s website might be a little tricky to navigate for first visitors cause of the new uncommon we design, but it’s not a major problem. But ads on this site are annoying. make sure to use adblocker on this site.

You don’t have to sign-up to watch anime on this website, and new old even ongoing animes are available to stream online for free.


best free anime website
Animefrenzy screenshot

Modern Navigation

pop up tab ads

Rating: 4 out of 7.

Animefrenzy website design and navigation are super simple, you can browse animes by genre, seasons, and year easily from this site. and all of the ongoing animes are also available to watch for free

some tabs may pop open when you browse or even play anime, which can be fixed easily by an adblocker, You can create an account on Animefrenzy, but it’s not necessary.


best free anime website
AnimeFreak1 screenshot

Easy Navigation

Pop-up Ads, Overlay Ads

Rating: 4 out of 7.

AnimeFreak design and navigation menu are normal and even on the homepage of this free anime website, you can see a library of recent anime titles.

There is no need to sign-up to watch anime from this site. You can watch sub and dub animes for free. Except for a few pop-up ads you can easily find any anime and watch it on Animefreak.


free anime website online
Masteranime screenshot

Easy Navigation

Pop-up Ads, Overlay Ads

Rating: 3.5 out of 7.

Masteranime just has a good design, though it’s lacking in the menu department. it doesn’t have a menu based on genre or sub or dubbed on its header, but you could just search for any anime to watch it free.

The ads on this site are annoying, it’s overlaid message ads, auto tab pop-ups. Adblocker is definitely recommended if you choose to visit this site.


watch free anime website
Kissanime screenshot

Normal navigation

Too Many ADS, In-page, Pop Up Tab, Pop-up overlayer ads, sidebar

Rating: 2 out of 7.

Kissanime can be accessed globally without any geo-restriction, But might be banned in some countries, It got too many ads. If you plan to visit this site an adblocker plugin is necessary for my opinion and even a VPN.

Its navigation and looks are kind of old but alright, I honestly prefer that you watch anime from other sites from this list. but you can check it out if you can’t find any specific anime on other sites.

Final Thoughts:

This list contains watch free anime websites that are currently working on February 2022, if there are alternative good websites let everyone know in the comments, and after checking I will add them into this post as bonus sites.

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