How To Use Your Smartphone As Mouse For PC/Laptop

use smartphone as mouse

Using a pc sometimes leads to problems and errors, that could not be fixed or debug so easily. Of course, you can still through money to get a technician or a replacement for that part.

But wouldn’t it be more effective, if you understand and fix the problem by yourself? not only for saving money but also for your learning experience. Don’t worry you don’t have to have a technician’s knowledge to do these things.

In this post, you will learn how you can identify the problem in your mouse or keyboard, how you can fix it, before buying a new mouse or keyboard, and use your smartphone / old smartphone as a mouse and keyboard.

But Most importantly

Don’t disassemble your keyboard/mouse, If you got a warranty and the problems occur within the warranty period and terms. Then visit the nearest center of that keyboard company or the store you purchased it from, and they will replace it.

Identify The Issue

The most common issue would be a loose connection. It would be common knowledge, but still, I should mention this.

your mouse or keyboard USB jack or wireless receiver may be loose or not connected properly, just pull out the plug and reattach it properly and check if the problem is fixed.

Driver Issue:

if not, then check if the driver of your mouse and keyboard is up to date and working properly, You can do that by visiting the “device manager” by searching or from the control panel.

Use Your Smartphone As Mouse

Then double click on the “Mouse or other pointing devices” or “keyboard” depending on what issue you are facing

Inside the device of keyboard or mice device, you can find the driver for that device. right-click on that driver and click on properties.

2021 10 13 10 17 17 HID compliant mouse Properties

if you see the message, “this device is working properly” it means your driver software is fine. then from that window click on the “driver” menu from the top and click on the updated driver.

and the choose “search automatically for the updated driver software” option”, and make sure your .internet connection is working and windows update function is on.

Then it will search drivers from the internet, and if it found a new update, then update it. if not then you have no issue with the driver.

Dust Issue:

This is a common problem if you’re using a mouse for a year or two, especially if you live in a location where the weather has a lot of moisture in it.

Moisture and dust from the air start to gather on the mouse circuit board and creates a lair, that disturbs the functions of the circuit board. and create problems like left or right-click not responding, left-click automatically getting clicked, and many other malfunctions

To Fix it, just disassemble the mouse and gently remove any dust lair, and reassemble it, and don’t worry it’s easy to disassemble and reassemble a mouse,

if you are not confident enough you can watch a Youtube video on how to disassemble a mouse.

How To Fix The Issue With My Mouse/Keybord?

I Already gave a solution above, of how you can fix the 3 most common issues. If it’s still not working and if you are sure that the problem is in your mouse or keyboard,

and if you didn’t find any solution to that specific issue on the internet, You can buy a new mouse and keyboard, unless your mouse/keyboard costs much more than the repair bill.

But what happens if you are in some kind of emergency or don’t have enough money to spend a good quality mouse/keyboard right now?

The simple solution is your smartphone,

It Could be an Android Or An iPhone.

How To Use Your Smartphone As Mouse & Keybord?

Use Your Smartphone As Mouse
Use Your Smartphone As Mouse

It is easy and handy to use your smartphone as a mouse and keyboard, kind of like a remote for tv, But If you are using it to Play games it would be a bit inconvenient.

I recommend you can use it for browsing, writing, editing works, but the problem comes if your mouse is not working

If you don’t know how to operate your PC to install the software that connects your PC to your smartphone.

If Your Mouse Is Malfuntioning:

If only your mouse is not working, And the keyboard is working properly first unplug the mouse from your PC if you are on a desktop, and on the laptop, there’s no plug so…

Then, press “Windows + R” it will open the run command and type “chrome” if you use google chrome or type “iexplore” if you have internet explorer.

When the browser opens, the curser will already be on the search bar, don’t press any other key, just type “Wifi Mouse” and press enter,

2021 10 14 09 45 12 wifi mouse Google Search

Press the “tab” constantly until you get to the first link, then press enter to open the link.

After That, navigate to the download button by press the “Tab” and “down arrow” key and download the software your PC

Use Your Smartphone As Mouse

And if you are on chrome, then press “Ctrl + J ” to visit the download tab, and install the software and run it.

the next process is Install Mouse App On Your Smartphone that will be revealed below.

If your Keyboard Is Not Working:

If your keyboard is not working then it’s not too hard. on windows 10 go to PC settings and visit “ease access” then”keyboard” and turn the “On-Screen Keyboard” switch.

On Windows 7 from the start menu, visit the control panel, then go to “ease access center” the press on “start on-screen keyboard”.

An on-screen keyboard (OSK) is a big help if your keyboard is not working properly, you can type any word with the help of your mouse.

then open your browser and search in google for “Wifi Mouse”

wifi mouse
wifi mouse software

and visit the first link to download the wifi mouse software for your PC and install it.

The next is process is on your smartphone.

Install Mouse App On Your Smartphone

screenshot 2021 10 1 2L97O

Now that you successfully installed the wifi mouse on your PC. You just need to download the same app for your smartphone

You can search in Playstore for “wifi Mouse” for android phones, and on iPhones, you can search on Apple AppStore.

If didn’t find the app on the store, or if there are a lot of apps with the same title. then you can visit the website where you downloaded the software for PC, and choose the Android or Iphone version, and download.

Connect With Wifi

After a successful installation, create a Wifi hotspot connection from your smartphone and connect with wifi on your PC.

and open the wifi mouse app on both devices.

screenshot 2021 10 1 xTh9a

On Your smartphone, you can see your PC’s name appeared, tap on it to use your phone as a mouse/keyboard.

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