How To Speed Up Your Phone’s Performance 3x

speed up your slow phone

The more you use your android phone to perform various tasks, the more it’s get slower. Cause over time you install more apps,

without knowing how much resources it’s taking to run in the background and slowing your other tasks in the process.

Even if you use a flagship phone, and you got a decent amount of RAM and a powerful CPU. It still could lag and slow down your phone.

Cause there is a limit to every hardware’s processing power. That’s the reason for you to know how you should manage your android device and speed up the performance for a better experience.

But before we fix the issue, you need to know the answer of

Why Is My Phone running Slow?

Unless you have a hardware issue, 90% of the time your phone slows down because some apps are running in the background, or you open too many apps.

If you Did not install many apps, that could also indicate: your phone may have spyware or malware virus. especially if you installed any cracked app recently.

Now Let’s see the quickest solution for A Quick Speed Up

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Speed UP Your Slow Android Phone


It’s a common thing to remove apps, that is not necessary. It could free some space and memory on your android phone. But not everybody possesses knowledge of android and apps.

So they get confused as to which app is important and what unnecessary. The first thing you need to know, that the most vital apps that are used to operate your device, can not be removed. like default messaging and calling apps, camera file manager, etc.

and those which can be uninstalled most of them can be reinstalled from GooglePlay.

You may find some pre-installed apps that are not vital but it doesn’t have a uninstall function. But you can disable that app without any issue on your phone if you don’t use it. like Netflix, Bixby, one drive, AR emoji, etc.

But many people worry if it’s an app from google, and android is google’s OS, so installing or disabling an app from google might create some issues.

so now the question is

Can I Uninstall Or Disable Apps From Google?

Yes, you can. But not every App from google. You Safety disable or uninstall apps like Google Search, Chat, photos, drive, movies, lens, meet, docs, translate, news, chrome, play music. , if you do not use them.

Also if apps like chrome and google music are your default and only apps for that purpose, then do not remove them. and never uninstall/disable “Google Play Services”, it’s a vital app for android that manages critical services.

Even if you think that currently, I am using only this app or even when you closed all apps and not using your phone,

you can bet that some processes still running in the background. and sucking memory. But you can stop these background processes and make your phone faster.

Turn Off Background Activity:

screenshot 20211018 5eDAp

This option might not be available on all android phones. But if your phone has this option, it’s highly recommended that you do this for some apps especially games.

First, Open your app drawer >> select any app >> press hold >> app info >> battery >> Turn Off “allow background activity”

Now that app can’t run any tasks in the background, but it will work fine if you press and open the app.

You can do this to any app, but I would recommend not doing it on the app where you download files like Google Play, any browser, cause if you lock your phone, downloading can be canceled.

Minimize Background Tasks:

Speed UP Your Slow Android Phone

If your phone doesn’t have the previous option, this one is available on every android but kind of hidden. You can reveal it by visiting the “build number” option.

Go to: Settings >> About Phone >> Software Information >> Build number.

If you can’t find the build number, then Go to Settings and search for “build number” and click the result to get to it.

Now fast Tap on “Build Number” constantly 6-7 times, and you will see a message “developer message has been enabled”

Now you can see a New Options Available called “developer options”. Now click on it and locate the “Apps” section by scrolling down and you can see 2 options

➣ Don’t Keep Activities

➣ Background process limit

The first option allows you to stop any background activity as soon as you close any app. And the second option allows you to set a limit on how many backgrounds processes you wanted your phone to run.

You can use both to increase your phone speed but I would recommend not using the first option and for the second option choose 2 background processes.

screenshot 2021 10 2 cSBAj

Your phone might have a default scanner for finding viruses and threats on installed apps. But default antivirus might not have all the features that require to fully scan your phone.

You can search on GooglePlay for antivirus and install it, Some of the most popular apps are Avast, Kaspersky, Quick Heal, Mcafee, Bitdefender.

You can choose what you like but I would recommend “Quick Heal” from my experience, It’s free and helped me find some nasty viruses on a few apps on my old phone. Whenever ever you find an infected app or file, make sure to remove it.

I recommend that you use it once a month, Once your job is done you should uninstall or zip it. cause it will suck resources. just make sure to be careful, whenever you download files/ apps from unknown sources in the future.

There are few customization settings, that can make your phone feel slow, so you should avoid this if you want to speed up your phone.

Live Wallpapers

screenshot 2021 10 2 2wZof

The first time I purchased an android I tried so many apps and back then, one of my favorite things was live wallpapers, 3d wallpapers. cause it looked wonderful.

But it’s put a huge load on your processor and ram, and of course, it will also drain your phone’s battery faster. so uninstall live wallpaper and 3d wallpapers.

Use Deafult Customization

Don’t want a slow phone? then never install a third-party Launcher. I know many smartphones of low prices, do not offer a good-looking launcher,

but every default launcher does what it’s meant to do, creates a library of an installed app, where you can launch that app by pressing and customizing your home screen.

screenshot 20211020 Cd2F7

Whenever any app sends you a notification, You can see a red badge with numbers on that app’s icon, this feature is useful,

especially whenever somebody sends you a message on a Chat App. But getting this badge on apps/games, that you rarely use is irritating and makes you want to open that app.

Turing it off for apps that you don’t use much can help you get a little performance boost.

Go to: App Drawer >> Press Hold >> App info >> Notifications. and turn off “App Icon Badges” & “show Notifications” if you wish.

Now there won’t be any badge only for that app, now just repeat the same process for other apps that you rarely use.

Speed UP Your Slow Android Phone

I saw this feature only on Samsung phones, And you are in luck if your device also has this option. There are some important apps on every smartphone,

that you don’t use daily for example file Sharing Apps, any utility apps, shopping apps, etc. Even though you don’t use them every day, Those apps constantly sucking up your phone’s resources.

And uninstalling them and reinstalling them whenever it’s needed is a hassle, so a simple solution is to zip that app and unzip that app if you want to use it.

Zipping does not mean removing that app completely from your phone, Whenever you zip an app it remains on your phone in a non-useable format. which means it can’t suck resources like ram, GPU, CPU., and your phone performance is smooth.

So to zip, any app go to:

Device Care (use search if you can’t find it) >> click on the three dots menu on top right corner >> Storage Booster >> Zip Apps

Here you can add the apps, you want to zip. After zipping any apps, on the Apps screen you can see a new app icon called zipped apps. here you can add more apps to zip or unzip apps.

screenshot 20211021 RGFR7

The apps that you use and your OS are improving every time there is a new update comes. So it’s a common thing to update your apps whenever an update is released.

Especially your phone’s OS software, cause on every update your device’s previous software related issues will be soled as well as improvements on performance.

You Check if new software is available for your phone on settings >> software update. make sure to the internet is connected before checking.

And you can update your installed apps from Google Play.

Your phone is constantly scanning for the mobile networks, And it does help when you travel. But if you don’t travel much selecting one type of network might free some resources and make your phone faster.

First, if you don’t use wifi networks/neighbor’s wifi, then always turn your phone’s wifi off. Cause wifi constantly scans for networks in the background.

screenshot 2021 10 2 n58Gf

Next, Network Mode to one type of network. If you use dual Simcard on your device and use only 1 for the internet. Or if you only use wifi as an internet source, then you can change your mobile network mode from auto to 2g or 4g.

To change the network mode go to:

Settings >> connections >> mobile networks >> network mode sim 1

(or you can search for “mobile network” if you can’t find it.)

From here change the mode from auto to 2G on Simcard that you don’t use. or change it to 4g/LTE or 5G if you use the internet from that sim.

screenshot 2021 10 2 dOk0p

If your android got a default Memory / Cache cleaning app, you should definitely use it, whenever you feel your phone is running slow.

I would not recommend any third-party app but if your phone running slow and you got no default cleaner then, you should install run and after cleaning up, uninstall it.

cause ram cleaning app always runs in the background, and it will put additional stress on your phone’s resources.

On Samsung smartphone’s new smartphones you can run the app called “Device Care” to release ram and boost storage.

If you don’t want to clear cache files manually. Go to app info of any app >> storage >> press “Clear Cache”.

Final Thoghts

This method that I mentioned above, to speed up your smartphone is not only tested and by many many people But also what I currently use on my smartphone, and does boost my phone’s performance 3x. So don’t just read apply it now and get the results for yourself.

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