10 Free Legal Movie Sites in 2022

Online Free Movie Site

There are many who thinks if a movie is available online for free, then it illegal, But That’s totally wrong, You must know any content.

not only movies but also video clips, music, images, software, that are available in the Public domain or have a public domain license, is also free for everyone. But new and popular movies are hardly found in the public domain.

But there are few sites that provide some movies for free, with permission of course. And yes, to be honest, most of the movies you can find for free on these sites are old at least 1-3 years or more.

You can rarely see new movies available for free, on these sites, so let’s go to the list

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1.) Disnep + Hotstar

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Disney + Hotstar is an Indian legal movie and tv series streaming platform, Thanks to the partnership with Disney,

it now has the most popular Hollywood movies, even though, popular ones require a monthly/annual subscription.

I personally checked and found some Bollywood and a few of the Tollywood movies are available to watch for free. And of course, lots of Indian tv series are completely free

2.) Zee5

1200px Zee5 Official logo.svg

Zee5 is also a streaming platform in India to stream Indian TV Series and Movies, Zee5’s collection of free to stream movies numbers might be greater than Hotstar’s,

But I did not find any good Hollywood movies on ZEE5, so if you want to watch movies in Hindi, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Gujarati then this might be a good streaming provider for you.

3.) VUDU

free legal movie sites

Vudu is also a popular platform, it may not be well known like Netflix, but it does have quite popular movies and new ones too, Not only that you can access some In theater movies, for rent or purchase them. It’s good and recommended for watching Hollywood movies

4.) YouTube

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There are lots of movies and shows on youtube that can be totally free to watch, not just a few English movies, but many movies in different languages can be found on youtube for free. And not only on the official Movies & Shows menu of youtube, but there are also many film studios that make movies on their channel for free after a few years or even months after release

5.) Erosnow

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Eros now is one of the popular production houses for making Bollywood movies in India, and as such on there’s a website, you can see quite popular titles of Bollywood movies, and with the new mzaalo subscription plan, you can watch many movies online for free legally

6.) Voot

free legal movie sites

Voot is also an Indian streaming service, It’s has a library of all content by Indian “Colors” TV Channels, including all the TV shows and movies, and cartoons. It does have some classic and few popular Bollywood and other Indian movies for free, but to watch new movies and some popular shows, you need to purchase a subscription.

MX Player Logo

Mx Player is started as an ordinary video player app, but now it holds a library of good free movies and shows, although most of the content is Indian, I did notice some Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi and a few English movies too

8.) Hungama

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Hungama is not only an Online Free Movie Site but also has content like music, tv shows, cartoons and you can rent some new and popular movies from Hungama. there’s also a monthly subscription paid plan. but I did find some movies for free with ads of course, it’s worth checking out.

9.) TubiTv

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Well, Tubi Tv is filled with free movies, but I could not find anything new and popular, well I can’t say that I did fully explore the site, but well if you don’t want to get disappointed you better not put any new movie title on TubiTv. But on the other hand, I did find a library of some old English movies which I never watched before.

10.) Imdb Tv

Online Free Movie Site

Well everybody knows what’s IMDB is right? well, many of you didn’t know you can get to watch free movies with ads on IMDB TV, it’s cool, all of the movies in the library is free,

Where can I watch legal movies for free?

  • There are many websites that provide free movies to watch, you need to make sure you are watching from a legal site
  • . I made a list of 10 popular free movie watching sites
    1.) Disnep + Hotstar
    2.) VUDU
    3.) Erosnow
    4.) Mx Player
    5.) TubiTv
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