Miko 3: AI robot Launched In INDIA | Learn: Price, Features & more

miko 3 features

Miko 3 has been launched in India. This AI-powered robot is designed with children in mind and therefore provides the best educational experience for children.

Miko 3 features and price


AI Robot Helper

Made For: 5-10 yr kids

Status: Already Launched In India

Miko 3 – which is being touted as the perfect companion for children. The intelligent machine comes equipped with an HD camera, touchscreen, and coding lessons – all so it provides the very best in educational and developmental experiences to those in the 5 to 10-year-old age bracket! Designed to be a learning platform with conversation capabilities and a friendly interface, Miko 3 encourages children to practice their language skills on this endearing robot companion.

Miko 3 Price in India & Colour Varients

The price of Miko 3 is Rs 19,999 for Indians. The robot is currently being marketed on the website at a discounted price of Rs 18999. Customers have the option to choose between two color options – Martian Red and Pixie Blue.

How To Buy Miko 3?

You can buy it by visiting their official site or from Amazon, But purchasing from their website can save 1000 rupees.

Miko 3 Features

The company says that ‘Miko 3’ is aimed at children between the ages of 5 and 10. It provides learning content on various topics to the children according to their age. It can also speak in 8 languages. Miko’s co-founder and CEO Sneh R. Vaswani expressed, Miko 3 is the company’s most advanced emotionally intelligent robot, a companion for every child that encourages creative conversations using expressive AI

Content, Kids will Learn:

This educational robot delivers content from apps focused on children. Including Lingokids, Da Vinci Kids, Kidloland, Cosmic Kids, Out of This World, Tiny Tusks, Dreamykid. The rest included a subscription. And thousands of games and activities such as songs and movement practicing lessons were available because the only means to bring happiness to kids is through learning and giving them education with this robot teacher

Miko 3 Parentel Control:

The ‘Miko Parent App’ ensures that parents can see how their children are causing havoc with the robot and what they are learning. children can access coding studies via this robot. Children have to learn how to write their own programs to control robots.

Privacy & Security

The company says that it protects the data of its users with the highest security standards., This product relies on enhanced security and the latest encryption technology to protect your data, which is handled by a closed system that does not rely on user-submitted code.

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