How You Can List Business On Google & Google Maps in 7 Days

List Your Business On google for free

Google Is the no 1 search engine, and it has over a billion users worldwide. The time you need to blink, thousands or could even millions of searches occurring in Google.

Everybody searching for what they need, it could be knowledge, entertainment, products, services, etc.

Don’t you want the products, services, and content of your business to be shown in That search for free?

It could significantly increase your sales/customer

Honestly, I don’t even know how long Google will offer free listings. cause, the growth of your customer could skyrocket if you manage your listing right.

so let’s start the listing process,

You Can List your business on Google by following these 4 simple steps

Step-1: List On Google My Busness

Google My Business is the official tool that handles business listing on google search and googles maps, Once You List Your business here, your business profile will also be added in the google maps

First Visit: from your browser

or search in google: Google My Business, and click on the first link,

google my business page

When the site finishes loading, click on the “manage” button and log in with your Google account

Now you are given an option to search your business if it’s already available on google.

If Your Business Alreday On Google/ Google Maps

you may not know but somebody/ google employees, could already be added your store/business on Google Maps, of course, they don’t have permission to manage.

so first type your store/business name and remember you may find other’s stores by the same name, that’s what always checks the address if it matches your store location.

add business to google

if you successfully find your business then it’s a lot simpler for you, just click on manage and go to Step-2: verify your address by mail. and your business profile will be listed on google.

But if it’s not found you should tap on

1. Add Your Business To Google

Then, Type your business/ shop name and choose the category of your business (like a grocery store, restaurants, medical store, clothing shop, etc)

choose business name and catagory

and press the next button.

Now, You can see an option to choose if you want to list your store/office location to your business profile.

2. Your Store/ Office Adress

This is a most vital option if you got a shop or office, where you want your customers to visit. You Need to select YES, and press the next button to add the address.

add store location

If you work as a freelancer or work from home, you can select no, but if you choose a category before that requires a store location, like a medical shop or restaurant.

then you have to give a shop location.

Why You Must Add Your Store Location On Google?

Listing your store/location means, whenever any person from that area search in google your business category,

For example: If anyone searches “restaurant near me” and if you have your restaurant location listed in my business in the same area,

it will show on google and you can get new customers.

3. Mark Location On Google Maps

After typing your address, You will have to mark your shop/office location on Google map for pinpoint location accuracy.

add map location

You can see a map and a red location marker, The map is based on the address that you provided before.

Now you just have to drag that red marker where your store is located. or you can use the GPS (the dot button above the plus sign) button if you are inside your shop.

and press the next button

If You Find It Hard To Mark

If Gps not working correctly, This can be a little bit difficult if you don’t use google maps much, but it’s not a big deal if you get confused,

find any nearest well-known location (like a hospital/post office/bank/police station)

by zooming out from the map and locate your store by following any route that leads to your shop, from that well-known location.

4. Provide Locations From Delivery

After marking your shop/office location on google maps, You need to select if you deliver products/services to the customer’s homes or offices.

If you select yes, and press next. you can add the locations where you are able to provide home deliveries.

add delivery locations

If you select no, and press the next button you are moving to the next process

5. Add Contact Details

As contact details, you can add your business contact phone number and your website link (if you have one)

add business contact info

If Your business requires customers to make contact with you or your employee/ staff, then you better provide a phone number.

If not, then you can use the skip button to go to the next process

Now the first step of listing your business on google is complete.

Step-2: Verify By Mail

After adding your business contact info, You have to verify your location by mail.

If you don’t have or mentioned a shop/office in the previous steps, like a freelancer or online business, or if you work from home.

then you can mention your home address in the mail address section, otherwise, your shop address will be automatically selected in the mail address section.

add your store mailing address

Next, add your or the name of the person who will receive the mail and press the Mail button. They will send you a postcard with a verification code.

post sent

After that, you will see a message saying A postcard is on its way and it will take — days to arrive.

now press continues button

Step-3: Final Process

When you press the continue button, there are few more things you need to mention about your business, that customers/viewers find useful.

1. More Srvices

Here, you need to add services related to your business, choose carefully what applies to your business. More category you choose more your reach will broaden,

your business services

but never choose something inappropriate, for example: if you sell clothing don’t choose jewelry

2. Business Hours

It’s helpful for the public to know when your shop/office is opened and closes, and which day your shop is considered a holiday.

 List Business On Google

You can choose to skip this section but it is recommended that you provide this detail, if you got a shop,

3. Add Messaging

Next is messaging, This option allows viewers to send messages to your business profile on Google for free, there’s no need to make any changes. By default, it’s turned on,

just press next.

4. Add Description About Your Business

Adding description about your business is a good way to show what’s your business is all about,

First, you should briefly describe your business, then list all other services/products/content that is provided by your business and its uses.

And add your business USP (unique Selling Point), what makes your business special from others in the same category

5. Add Photos Of your Work/services/products

Adding photos is a good way to portray your work especially if you work like a makeup artist, photographer, designer, barber, event organizer, web designer, etc.

add photos of your shop

You can also upload photos of your shop and events, any featured products, your business logo, and banners, etc.

after adding photos press next

If you currently don’t have any good pictures then, you can add them later so it’s ok to skip this section,

and your profile is complete,

Step-4: Enter Verification code

Now you just have to wait for the mail to arrive

and when it arrives it will contain a verification code like the image below

mybusiness verification mail

visit google business again and click on the business menu from the left panel and then

click enter code and type the verification code you got by mail

 List Business On Google

and your business will be on google and google maps.

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