9 Best Online Free Platforms To Promote Your Business To Get More Visitor/Customers

promote business online platforms

To promote your business online for free you need to build a network to promote your brand/business/website,

How To Promote My business Online for Free?

Are you ready to deal with a huge load of customers, users, viewers and grow your business? the quickest way to achieve that is to fulfill these 4 goals.

  1. let everyone know that your business exists,
  2. where is your business located,
  3. what are you offering,
  4. why should they choose your business.

These 4 goals are the fundamentals of building a strong online presence of your business, It applies to all kinds of business like selling products, services, freelancing, consulting, management, renting, marketing, content creating, etc. You Can Also Promote Your Business By Making QR Codes

In this post, I will introduce you to 9 popular online platforms to list and promote your business. and you will learn some basic knowledge to successfully create a business profile on that platform.

Where can I Promote My Business Online For Free?

1. Google My Business
2. Bing Places
3. Apple Places
4. Facebook
5. Linkedin
6. Yelp
7. Pinterest
8. Twitter
9. Quora

Online Free Platform To Promote Business

1. Google My Business

google my busines

I don’t need to say much about google right? It’s the most vital place to show/list your business.

If you don’t surf the internet and websites much, at first it could be a bit overwhelming to list and create a profile on all these platforms.

In that case, you must list your business, first on google. and slowly build business profiles on other platforms as you gain more experience from this.

I already made a definitive post on How You Can Easily List Your Business On Google, Go Check to know the full process. But Here is the summary.

  1. Visit Google My Business From Google Search
  2. Sign-up with your google Account
  3. Search For your business if it’s already avilable on google
  4. If not, click add business to google
  5. Fill Up the Info about your business
  6. They will send a mail to your store with a pin no.
  7. When it arrives, Open Google My Business And Enter The Pin

And hooray! Your business is now available on google search and google maps.

2. Bing Places

bing places

Bing is also popular like google, Many people use bing rather than google to search. And you don’t want to miss out on those customers right?

Like, google, bing Places also recommend your business profile, whenever somebody near your shop/store searches for a business like yours on bing’s search engine.

And if your business profile looks better than others, then you guess where they want to visit.

Before listing on bing places I recommend, that you verify your business on google my business first, cause it will be helpful to list your business on Bing Places.

  1. Search and visit “Bing Places For Business” website
  2. Now Click on new user
  3. Now if your business is already verified on google, you just have to press “import fom google my business now” ( i recommend using it)
  4. And Use That Google Account What you used to sign-up on My business
  5. Allow Premission To manage google my business
  6. and your profile will be imported from google

Creating a good-looking profile depends on good pictures of your business, good reviews of customers, and providing something unique.

For example, if you own a restaurant or sweet shop you must capture and upload photos of the front of your shop, all the food items, your employees serving customers. any logo or banners.

And it is recommended to shoot those images on a DSLR Camera, If you have one or you can hire a photographer to take those pictures, it will be the best option.

If you can’t then use a good camera smartphone and edit those pictures before uploading them.

3. Apple Places On Map

Online Free Platform To Promote Business

Just like an Android user’s default maps are google maps, Iphone, Ipad user’s default map is Apple Maps.

When you are verified on Google my business, It will also show your business on google maps, But What about those who use iPhones?

Apple map is easy to use and many iphone users only use it to navigate to a new location, so what about those people, don’t you want them as new customers?

And You don’t have to be an Iphone User to Add your business on Apple Maps.

To List your business on Apple Maps

  1. Search On Google: Apple Places On Map
  2. Search For Yor Business, If you Can’t Find it, Click on Add Missing Places
  3. Sign In with your Apple ID or Click “Create Yours Now”
  4. Now Fill Up All The Info About your business
  5. And verify your business by Call or Mail

And your business profile will be listed on Apple Maps.

4. Facebook

facebook pages

Facebook Is filled with folks who want to show off their daily life for a few likes, It’s also a place for people to make groups and share their interests and opinions.

And if you add a page of your business on Facebook and satisfy those folks, it won’t take much time for your business to go viral.

You can post photos and speeches on Facebook but the best and quickest way to gain followers is to post interesting videos on Facebook from a page.

If you use your brain right, I am sure you could make videos related to your business categories. I remember 2 years ago An Ad for a clothing supermarket went viral,

cause people are making memes about it and everybody sharing it. and they got a huge boost of followers in a short amount of time.

this proves, that your videos don’t have to be straight you can mix some humor in them to get positive attention.

You can also spend money to run ads on Facebook, But in my opinion If really want to spend money on Ads then first Use Google Ads, it’s the best.

Creating a page for your business is easy.

#1 Sign in or Sign Up On Facebook.

#2 Click On the Menu Icon From Top Right Corner

#3 From the create section, tap on Page

#4 Then Add your business’s info on the page

#5 Add Logo And Cover Of Your business

#6 After the page is created, go to the about section and fill out the remaining details

5. Linkedin

Online Free Platform To Promote Business

Linked in Is simply Facebook for company’s and employees. People showcase their Cv / Resume in the profile In order to get hired by companies and businesses.

And Big and small companies post jobs and look for qualified individuals, They can post and chat create groups like on Facebook.

Even if you don’t need to hire people from linked in, You Can Create a page and promote your business, so many people get to know about your business.

In order to create a linked in page visit this link from your browser:



#1 Search in google for “business page on LinkedIn” and click the first link.

#2 Now Click On “Create your page” Button

#3 Now click ” Join Now” Or Sign In If you already have an account.

#4 And choose the size of your business based on how many employees you have

#5 Now Fill Up All the required info about your business and click on “Create Page”

And your business page will be created.

6. Yelp


Yelp is one of the biggest business listing sites in the USA. Whenever people need any services, they search on yelp to find the best suitable business.

If you are a citizen or have a business in the USA, you need to list your business in Yelp. On Yelp, you can add photos of your business, location of your business, website link of your business.

And People can post reviews and chat with your business on Yelp.

To make a business profile on Yelp,

#1 Search Google for “yelp for business”

#2 Click on the first link and visit the website

#3 Click on the “manage my free listing” button

#4 Add your business name and info

#5 Verify with your business phone number or email

And now you can manage your listing add photos and other info.

7. Pinterest

pinterest business

Pinterest is one of the best and easiest ways to promote our business, But You or someone from your business need to know how to make beautiful graphics.

Cause Pinterest is all about posting portrait pictures and graphics, And Pinterest is one of the best ways to bring traffic to your website.

For example, let’s say you have a restaurant and blog/youtube channel to talk about foods and recipes.

You can make a graphic design and post on Pinterest and add links to your youtube video or blog post. Whenever someone clicks on that picture it will redirect to that link and you will get visitors.

To promote your business on Pinterest, you need to create a Pinterest business account.

And to create it

  1. Search google for : Pinterest Business
  2. Click & Visit the first link
  3. Now Press The Sign-up button
  4. Now Sign-up using email
  5. And Add info about your business and you should put your website link if you have one
  6. After the creation of your profile you can add pin/ photos to promote your business

8. Twitter


Twitter is also one of the most popular social media, where every business should practice promoting their services, products & content.

The Secret of getting reaching more people and getting more followers is to tweet daily. You can post things related to your business. and follow others in the same category, view their profile & tweets to build a strategy.

For any type of content creators, Twitter is the best free tool to promote your content, Sign up on Twitter and unlock the analytics, to view which tweet is performing better.

9. Quora


If you got a website, Youtube Channel, Blog. Then Quora is one of the best ways to promote your content by sharing links.

Quora is basically like a forum and a popular one. Where people ask questions and write answers. people ask all sorts of questions on every category there is.

And the best way to promote on Quora is to answer a question and provide a link of your content in the answer.

You must need to answer briefly, but putting only the link can be seen as spam, and only put the links in the answers if that question is related to your content.

You just need to sign-up on Quora to start answering questions.

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