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Google is not only a search engine, it’s also a hub of many services, products, and applications. Its huge demand creates opportunities for employment, growing skills, and improving your cv.

Google Offer many courses that can be 100% effective to grow any skill, even if you know nothing about that course, But in this post, I listed 7 most popular online courses for free, by Google. that can help you get a job or you can create your own projects also work as a freelancer.

Once you complete these courses, you will receive Certificates for free, and once you download these certificates, you can also print them to use offline.

Google’s 7 Free Online Course Certificates

Course #1: Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing Certification by Google Digital Garage Courses

Demo certificate of free online course for digital marketing by google

Free online course for digital marketing fundamentals, by Google Digital Garage, is the best starter course for those who want to get a job in Digital marketing or any business that wants to build a strong online presence on the internet.

This course helps you learn to use all the free and paid tools of Google and other platforms to promote, operate, and get traffic/customers/viewers to your business

To put it simply, this course is a definitive guide that could even help a kid to learn the benefits of digital marketing and how you use it.

There are more google digital garage courses available for free to improve your skills in any field, but those courses don’t include a certificate.

Can I Apply For This Course with No Knowledge Of Digital Marketing?

Yes, This Course is made for beginners but even if you have a basic idea of Digital Marketing, you should learn this course. especially content creators.

You may learn strategies and different tools that you never heard of.

What’s In This Course?

This Course Contains 26 modules and it would take approx, 40hrs to complete. The modules are like step-by-step topics that you need to learn,

like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and its introduction, how it works, and how to implement it.

What Skills Will I Gain After Completion ?

  • Introduction Of Digital Marketing
  • Digital Opertunities To Grow Business
  • Building Your Online Presence
  • How Websites Works
  • Online Business Stratigies
  • Customers Behavier
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • How To Run Google Ads
  • Local SEO
  • Marketing In Social Media
  • Building Online, E-comerce Shop
  • Analytics
  • International Expension
  • etc…

How To Get The Certificate?

First Visit Google Digital Garage Courses Page by pressing the button below and learn all 26 modules through videos or text,

Then take the 40 questions exam and when you get the passing grade. you will get a Certificate for free, which you can showcase on your Cv and LinkedIn.

Before moving to course 2 You need to know!

What Is Financial Aid?

Course No: 2 and 3 courses (data engineering & It Support) are paid courses, Google Provides These 2 Courses by a partnership with Coursera, but you can still enroll for free by filling up a financial aid form and getting approved. (Learn How To Apply)

Course #2: Google Data Engineer Certification – By Google Cloud

Google Provides this course by a partnership with Coursera, which is a platform to learn many different types of skills by enrolling in courses.

certificate of Google Data Engineer Certification exam

Professional Certificate obtain by Completing the Professional Google Data Engineer certification exam (paid Certificate)

certificate of gcp data engineer

Data Engineering Certificate by Coursera

Google data engineer certification course will help you learn data analysis with bigQuery, migrating cloud SQL, Tensorflow, cloud computing, google cloud products, etc.

You will learn 6 courses by video lessons, you can also practically apply what you learned. and gain more experience.

Can I apply for this Course With No knowledge about Data Engineering?

Unfortunately, only this is the only course on this list that required some basic knowledge about

• A common query language such as SQL

• Extract, transform, load activities

• Data modeling

• Machine learning and/or statistics

• Programming in Python


Topics You Will Learn:

You have to learn 6 courses to prepare for the certification exam

  1. Google Cloud Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals
  2. Modernizing Data Lakes and Data Warehouses with GCP
  3. Building Batch Data Pipelines on GCP
  4. Building Resilient Streaming Analytics Systems on GCP
  5. Smart Analytics, Machine Learning, and AI on GCP
  6. Preparing for the Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Exam


The Process Of Getting Professional Certificate

The process is simple, first, click “apply now” from below and sign-up in Coursera. and as I said before this course is not free,

but if you are willing to pay, then click “Enroll Now” or you can get it for free via the financial aid option (learn How to enroll in this course for free via financial aid)

After enrolling, it would take approx 4 months to finish learning. then review the google cloud Professional Data Engineer certification exam resources, guides, and sample questions

and then register for the exam and after completion, you get a Professional Certificate.

Course #3: Google IT Support Certificate Pro

google it support certificate free

Google provides This Course also by a partnership with the Coursera platform. google it support certificate course will fully prepare your skills to succeed in an entry-level IT job easily.

This course is also Not FREE, but you can get it for free via Financial Aid (learn To Enroll It For FREE)

What Is IT Support Job ?

In simple terms, IT stands for In-Person support, any It Support person’s job is to monitor and fix or solve any technical issue of any organization or industry, for example troubleshooting any system breaks, setting up computers for users within an organization, etc.

Can I apply For This Course With No Knowledge of IT Support?

Yes, It’s a beginner-level course. If you are totally new or have some basic knowledge, everyone can apply for this course

What Skills Will I Gain From This Course?

This course includes 5-course topics and when you learn all of them you will Gain skills on

  • Debugging
  • Encryption
  • Algorithms and Techniques
  • Customer Service
  • Network Protocols
  • Cloud Computing
  • Binary Code
  • Customer Support
  • Linux
  • Troubleshooting
  • Domain Name System (DNS)
  • Ipv4
  • Network Model

“Since the IT Support Certificate launched in 2018, 82% of graduates have reported a positive career outcome like a new job, promotion, or raise within 6 months” (source)

By Coursera’s Report

Course #4: Google Ads Certification

google adwords certification

Google Ads certificate course’s knowledge and certificate is a vital piece to become a successful  google ads specialist or an ad manager, Just like the title implies an Ad Manager manages Ads,

you can work for one or many organizations to run and manage ads for them, You can also Work Freelance on Sites like Fiverr and Peopleperhour as an Ad manager

This Course has 6 Different Certificate For Every Type Of Ads, If you want to learn this course to be an Ads specialist then I suggest learn all 6 courses with 6 certificate (each course take only a few hours to complete)

  1. Google Ads Display Certification
  2. Google Ads Search Certification
  3. Google Ads Video Certification
  4. Shopping ads Certification
  5. Google Ads – Measurement Certification
  6. Google Ads Apps Certification

What Skill Will I Gain From This Course?

  • Ads Management
  • Ads Bidding
  • Measure Leads
  • Analize from tracking data
  • Selecting correct audience
  • display advertisement Strategies

and much more…

How Do I Get The Certificate?

You can get 1 or all 6 certificates after completing each course and passing the test.

Course #5: Google Analytics Certificate By Google Analytics Academy

google analytics certificate

google analytics certificate course is designed to gain knowledge of all the features and uses of the Google Analytics platform.

Google Analytics is a very powerful and Free platform to analyze customers/viewers’ behavior, patterns, and more of your website/app’s data. And it’s free so many small and large businesses use this tool.

This certificate can help to improve your CV of Digital Marketing Jobs, many websites and apps use Google analytics as their no1 tool for analyzing.

It can also greatly help any Youtube channel and blog site to measure their traffic.

What’s In This Course?

6 Free courses of analytics are available in the Analytics academy. You can learn all of them, but it’s necessary to learn

the first 3 courses at least to gain enough knowledge of how to operate and analyze the data from Google Analytics.

6 Courses are:

  1. Google Analytics for Beginners
  2. Advanced Google Analytics
  3. Google Analytics for Power Users
  4. Getting Started With Google Analytics 360
  5. Introduction to Data Studio
  6. Google Tag Manager Fundamentals

And of course, you get a free certificate after completion.

Course #6: Associate Android Developer Certificate

associate android developer certificate

The Certificate Of Associate Android Developer Is A Paid And Professional Certificate but the course for preparation for the certification exam is free.

The certificate costs 149$ USD, You might think if this course is not providing a free certificate you don’t want to apply but, if you want to become a professional android developer or

if you are interested in android development this course will be a big help. And of course, if you want to apply for the certificate it will significantly improve your CV.

and help you find your dream android development job

“82% of Certification graduates report a career impact, like finding a new job”

Source: Google

Can I apply For This Course With No Knoledge Of Android Devlopment?

Yes, This Course is for beginners.

What’s In This Course?

This course currently hold 5 units, You have to learn all units by video guides, and after completion of each unit, you have to take a quiz to check your knowledge

How To Get The Certificate ?

Once you complete the free course Visit the Associate Android Developer Certification Exam Page and “signup for kotlin exam”

and then register and pay for the examination fee and choose a time to take the exam

after completion, wait until 1 and a half months for your certificate to be ready. and once you pass, you will also be listed on the official Google Developers Certification Directory

Course #7: Google Marketing Platform Certificates

google marketing platform certificate freesensei

Google Marketing Platform offers 6 different certificates for 6 different exams, this exam is based on 6 free courses, Of course, you can get 1 or all 6 certificates by passing the exams.

and this course is to gain knowledge and how to operate all of Google’s tools under the Marketing Platform. These tools are used by many small businesses

or Enterprises to Collect data, promote products and services, Analyzing customers behavior, and more.

Can I Apply For This Course With No Background Knowledge ?

Yes, but you may find some unknown terms If you are totally new, but it’s ok you can search on google or youtube for definitions.

What’s In This Course?

6 Different courses are,

  1. Search Ads 360
  2. Display & Video 360
  3. Campaign Manager 360
  4. Creatives
  5. Mobile
  6. Google Web Designer

How To Get The Certificate?

First, visit the Google Skillshop platform by the button below, Then you will get the list of all courses under the marketing platform, first finish the course and then apply for Google Marketing Platform Certification Exams to obtain the certificate.

How To Apply For Financial Aid To Get Courses no: 2 & 3 for FREE?

When You Click the “Enroll Course” button from above, you will be redirected to Coursera Website.

coursera free courses
  • Then you can Find the “Enroll For FREE” button, don’t click It, cause it’s just a 7 days trial option, (Not Free)
  • Click Financial Aid Available Option, Then Sign-up with your e-mail or Google account.
  • After signing up click the Financial Aid Available option again, And then agree to the terms.
  • And fill-up the form and describe your situation as: You are a Student with a difficult financial situation and you cant pay for the course or even consider.
  • If you find it hard to describe I prepared an example of what you should answer, but do not copy the answers to these 3 questions. and change the topic of the course to what you are applying for

demo answers for financial aid questions
WARNING: Do Not Copy The Answers, It’s For Demo

Would You Consider A Low-Interest Loan?

Answer- No

demo answers for financial aid questions
WARNING: Do Not Copy The Answers, It’s For Demo
  • And wait for approval for 15-30 days.


There are more courses provided by Google, but many of them cost more and many courses are only for expert level, But the list above is the most effective free online courses with certificate

for any job seekers, developers freelancers or any business to grow their skill and improve resume.

Now Let’s find out how to apply for courses No: 2 and 3 for free Via Financial Aid Form

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