How To Download Youtube Videos In Android, iPhone, and All Devices Easily

download youtube video in android

Youtube is a hub of videos, but they are not only for entertainment and learning, you can get a lot of copyright-free/creative commons licensed videos for your project and content so the question is

can you download youtube videos?

yes, but there are some conditions.

Downloading Youtube videos is very easy if you found the right tool to download them. But you should know

*** LEGAL WARNING / Disclaimer ***

Downloading Youtube videos without permission is considered illegal activity by Youtube policy. And does not promote this type of action, This post is for educational purposes, Freesensei will not be responsible if you break the Youtube policy.

The Condition For Dowindolading are:

You Can Only download videos of your own channel, and videos that have a Creative Commons license. but some of the Creative Common Video’s may need attribution and usage permission to use it so make sure to check the description box before downloading, and some CC-licensed videos already contain download links, so you don’t have to use these tools

Youtube Policy can be updated in the future so make sure to check it before downloading anything

Here is a list of methods

You Can Choose Anyone Of these free methods Below To Download Youtube videos on android and other devices

Before Going to the methods you need to know

How To Find Creative Commons Licensed Videos on Youtube?

Finding A Creative Common (CC) licensed video on youtube is easy,

Just search for any topic on youtube

Use filter and tap on Creative common, from the features section.

can you download youtube video
youtube android app

can you download youtube video
Youtube website on pc

Select any video and check the description box if the video’s licensed as Creative Commons


Also, check if you need to give attributes before using the video and if it is already has a download link in the description box,


Method 1: How To Download videos of your own channel

This one is simple, No tools are needed. Visit Your Youtube Channel on a Browser, You need to be on a PC, and if you are on a mobile device use desktop mode.

Click on your channel logo / your profile pic, from the top right corner and a menu will pop


Then YouTube Studio will open,

On the left menu, click content


Select the video you want to download and click the 3 dot option

and hit download.


And your video will start downloading.

Method 2: The Yotube Downloader Site (Recommended)

In This method, you can use all devices like PC, Android, iPhone, with a browser in it, like Chrome or your default phone browser,

Just Visit Youtube and choose the video you want to download,

Click the share button, and then Copy Link

how to download youtube video in iphone
youtube on desktop
download youtube video in android
youtube android app

Now open a browser and Serch on Google: youtube online video downloader

2021 09 27%2B11 28 15 youtube%2Bonline%2Bvideo%2Bdownloader%2B %2BGoogle%2BSearch

Click on the first link, and then paste the link you copied from youtube

how do i download a youtube video

and press the download button to start downloading

Method 3: Download Youtube Videos In Android

Just Like the no 2 method, you have to use apps instead of websites in this method, But some downloader apps may be ban in your country so before installing any app check if the app is banned in your country.

Or otherwise, it will be considered an illegal activity.

Here Is A list Of Banned Apps In India | Check Now>>

For Android:

Here Is a list of youtube downloader app on android: Check Now!

download youtube video in android

You can install any one of them, but I would recommend Snaptube and the Vidmate app

how to download youtube video in iphone

Unfortunately, Any Youtube Downloader app Is not available, Use Method 2 To Download Videos from youtube on iPhone.

Method 4: how to download youtube video in laptop/PC (Windows/Mac/Ubuntu)

like method 3 in this case you just needed to download and run PC software to download youtube videos.

This software is called 4k Video Downloader, And it’s available for 3 types of os, Windows, Mac os, ubuntu.

To download it on your device, go to Google and search for: 4k video downloader,

free download youtube video downloader full

Visit The first link,

Choose your OS from the top right corner and hit download,

how to download youtube video in laptop

After installing Just Copy A Youtube video link and paste it on this software, Select video quality, and hit download

Method 5: Firefox browser extension

If you use only chrome to browse, this method is not for you, cause Chrome Webstore recently removed all extensions that allow downloading video directly from youtube.

just like I said before Youtube policy doesn’t allow videos to be downloaded without the owner’s permission,

you can only download videos of your own channel and Creative common licensed videos.

So to use the plugin on firefox:

Open Firefox browser and search for: easy youtube video downloader for firefox

download youtube video on chrome

Open the first link on google,

Click on the “Add To Firefox” button

the visit to and open a video and you can see a “download as” button before the subscribing button.


Final Thoughts:

The methods I mentioned are simple and anyone can do it, but always check in the description box, if the owner giving permission or it’s Creative common Licensed before downloading,

and don’t take youtube policy lightly, this matter can also be taken to a court.

and always give an attribute whenever you use a youtube video on your content.

additionally, some Creative common videos also provide download links, so you don’t have to use these apps and sites to download the video.

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