7 Best Websites To Download Royalty Free/ Copyright- Free Music For Youtube Videos

download copyright free music for youtube freesensei

Making any video content particularly youtube videos, without good sound effects and background music doesn’t perform well on any social media, that’s the reason for downloading free music for youtube videos.

And many video makers can’t afford to pay for the license of paid music and songs to use it on their video,

And we all know what happens to youtube videos that use music without permission or usage rights,

in the worst case, your Youtube channel can be suspended, But many YouTubers don’t know that they can use any music and video without permission if it falls under “Fair Use” law,

but you can not copy the full music/video, just a small portion of any content for the purpose of discussing it. You check the full details of Fair Use Youtube Policy Here>>

But to use the full music or sound effects for free, the music has to be Creative Common (CC By), royalty-free, licensed, or in the public domain,

and it has to be free to use commercially, otherwise, you can’t monetize or run ads on your youtube video.

so now the question is

Where Can I Find Free Music For YouTube Videos & Download

Here Is a list of websites that can provide Copyright-free music and sounds for free

1: YouTube Audio Library

Youtube audio library is created for YouTubers by youtube, most of the sounds and music you hear in youtube videos are already available on the youtube audio library,

It’s the best source of copyright-free music on this list, you can use the music of the youtube audio library not only on youtube

but also on any video project and other social media like Facebook, TikTok, Dailymotion, etc.

There are 2 types of music available on YouTube Audio Library,

  1. Attribution Required (CC-4.0)
  2. Attribution Not Required
Copyright-Free Music For Youtube

When you see a “CC” tag on the license type section, that indicates,

creative common license tag on youtube audio library

where ever you use that music to make a video and upload it on any social media platform, you need to give attribution on the description box of that video.

And when you download this type of music from the Youtube audio library,

A box will pop, with the attribution text, you can copy and paste it in the description of youtube or other social media if you use that music on the video.

free music for youtube videos

You Can Visit Youtube Audio Library From Youtube Creator Studio,

or Search in Google: Youtube Audio Library

youtube audio library search on google

and click the first link, the choose your music you can also use a filter for different categories, and press download.

2. Pixabay.com/music

Pixabay is a very simple way to download royalty-free music. Royalty-free music refers to the music that nobody owns and that means you don’t have to pay any royalties.

There are many site offer this type of music’s but most of them required subscription fees to download the music, but on Pixabay it’s completely free to download.

Whenever you download royalty-free music from Pixabay you will see a notice like this:

pixabay copyright free music attribution

As it says, it’s not necessary but you should Copy and paste the attribution text as a thank you, cause it helps them a lot.

Now to visit their site,

Search in Google: Pixabay music

free music for youtube videos

Then, you can use the filter or tags to navigate through different categories and press the download button to get the music,

and most importantly you are not required to sign-up to download the music.

3. Bensound.com

Bensound is also quite popular for providing royalty-free music, they have a unique and good collection of music libraries,

You don’t need to create an account in Bensound to download any music, but You must give attribution if you use any music from ben sounds under a free license,

Under the free license, You Can use Royalty free music from ben sounds on youtube, Facebook, and other social media videos, animation, and multimedia projects as long as you give credit to bensonds.com

If you don’t want to give credits/attribution to Bensound, you can purchase a license for any music or a pro license for all music for 1 year.

visit their Licensing page for more info.

To visit ben sounds search google for:


Click the first link, Choose music you want and press download and download the music

free music for youtube videos

Whenever you use that music on a video and publish it to youtube and other sites,

Give attribution in the description like this:

“Music: << type music title here >> From Bensound.com”

How To Download Any YouTube Video & mp3 in Any Device

By- FreeSensei

4. Ncs.io (No Copyright Sounds)

NCS offers a vast amount of copyright-free music without any charge, There are thousands of music for you to download,

But you need to create an account on the ncs.io website to download any music and give attribution when you use it to create and publish a video

ncs website screenshot

on any sites like youtube and Facebook and other online sites. you can easily get the attribution text when you download music from NCS just copy-paste it on the description.

To Visit The website,

Search in Google: ncs.io

no copyright sound website

Visit the first link, Click “open music library”

Choose any music/song and sign-up with your email/google / Facebook account

download copyright free music for youtube on ncs.io

press download track, copy the attribution text and hit download

5. Mixkit.co/free-stock-music

Mixkit website provides copyright-free music for youtube and other video projects. It’s don’t has a lot of music in its library at present but

all the music that is available is decent to be used in any kind of youtube video, You don’t need to create an account or give attributes to the site to download and use any music.

mixkit music license

But you should give attributes as thanks wherever you use music from their sites.

To Visit the Site

Search in google: Mixkit free music

free music for youtube videos

Click the first link,

Click on any music and tap the download icon to download,

and you should give attributes if you wish, like this:

“music << song title >> from mixkit.co

6. silvermansound.com/free-music

Using Silverman sound studio to download royalty-free music is simple, just visit their website from

Google by searching: Silverman sound studio free music

silverman sound studio google search
  1. Click on the first link, Choose a music
  2. Click on ” read more & Download”
  3. Copy the credits and download the music,
silverman sounds copyright free music

paste that credit texts on the youtube description.

7. Wikipedia commons

In Wikipedia commons music, you can get free music of different licenses, like creative common 3.0, creative commons 4.0, public domain, royalty-free, etc,

creative common royalty free musics

don’t worry most of the music in the Wikipedia commons are in Public Domain, which means this music is not protected under the law and no one owns it,

wikimedia commons public domain license

you can use this music for commercial purposes but you can’t claim it as your own music.

To visit Wikipedia common Music website,

Search in google: Wikipedia commons music

wikipedia common google search

Visit the first link, Choose the music you want, and click it.

check the license,

On the top of the page, you can find a “Use this file” option , click it and copy the attribution, and close the popup.

wikipedia commons attribution

now scroll and find the section: “Transcode status”

public domain copyright free music download

and click the download button to download the music

Final Thoughts:

You can download and use music from these 7 websites on making any youtube video and you can monetize your video too, but please remember to check the license page, before downloading the copyright-free music, cause it could change in the future.

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